We’ve opened a share house
with a garden,
comfortable modern Japanese-style rooms and a nice fireplace.

Share mates at our share house IRORI come from all over the world and come from many different backgrounds. We all grew up in different places, but we gather in front of our fireplace and share our stories. We respect each other and communicate beyond language. Your life is worth sharing.

Vacancy Information

3 points of
share house IRORI

1- The offer a community that brings you closer to Japanese culture and cultures from around the world.

We forge a community with laughter and companionship. We spend time with each other through a variety of events.

2- Enjoy a lifestyle that takes you through the four seasons of Japan

You can enjoy rich experiences in every season. Let’s go out cycling and running.

3- A convenient and safe life in an urban area.

You’ll be able to have a safe and convenient life, and we can provide support for residents from overseas.

Look inside our share house
with Google street view!!